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Why you should build your eCommerce store over the Shopify platform?

Why you should build your eCommerce store over the Shopify platform?

In case you sell online the products and services that do not call for many configurations, then Shopify is likely to be the best-suited eCommerce platform for your requirements. Moreover, eCommerce businesses operating across several domains find Shopify to be their preferred platform for creating an online store.

Shopify is characterized by its versatility and beyond startups, experienced sellers can also derive the maximum value from Shopify.

Let us take a look at the 13 top benefits derived from creating your eCommerce store over Shopify:

1. Ease of setup and use

Being a no-fuss platform, Shopify is easy to set up and use. Moreover, Shopify is a complete solution in a single package. A merchant, herein, is not required to grapple with the technicalities that are involved with developing or hosting an eCommerce mall.
Shopify makes its software available as a SaaS vendor for developing your web mall and manages the hosting as well. While the admin interface is user-friendly and interactive, the user interface is remarkable as well.

2. Affordability

A startup in the eCommerce industry is required to juggle several expenses while learning more about their store’s operations. Herein, a low-cost eCommerce platform will deliver the best results for their requirements.

Shopify puts eCommerce merchants in the best position to derive the maximum value for their money. While Shopify yields a reliable and quick operating eCommerce website, their monthly plans are affordable.

3. Aesthetics

Aesthetics play an important role in the development of an eCommerce mall and yield a competitive edge, especially through the growing stages of the store. The basic theme design of Shopify can be a great launching point for any eCommerce mall, which can grow from thereon.

Shopify empowers designers to come up with web malls that are unique and aesthetic. Developers can then work upon this design to drastically transform the end-user experience.
Shopify makes a range of professional templates available for creating a winning online shop. The basic themes can similarly be used by developers and designers to create a winning UI/UX.

4. Essential marketing tools

One of the key factors that distinguish Shopify from other eCommerce platforms is that it simplifies designing landing pages for marketing campaigns. Shopify, furthermore, supports title tags, Meta tags, and other SEO parameters.

Shopify had been initially put in place to accentuate the efforts towards eCommerce marketing, such that businesses market quicker while keeping the costs involved low. Even in the basic Shopify package, advanced eCommerce analytics and SEO features are made available. So, the SEO performance of Shopify stores is exceptionally good.

Beyond the integrated SEO tools, Shopify makes some essential marketing tools available, such as store statistics, targeted email marketing, social network integration, custom gift cards, and discount codes. The merchants also benefit from advanced marketing features, such as an easy way to track affiliate sales and a custom pop-up window for capturing emails.

5. App Integrations

For meeting merchants’ custom requirements, Shopify makes a range of features available and also seamlessly integrates with several other apps, widgets, plugins, extensions, modules, and tools. This makes customizing your store for 100% personalized functionalities possible.

6. Web hosting

Hosting a website is a time-consuming affair that calls for refined expertise. But, Shopify manages the hosting for the merchants by maintaining the website’s servers and the software, paying for hosting, and managing payment gateways. Merchants can henceforth start selling straight away.

7. Reliability and Security

An eCommerce store is likely to be associated with the customers’ confidential financial information. Hence, robust security measures become quintessential for any eCommerce store. But, information such as financial information and buying history should also be readily available for authentic customers.
Shopify manages both these issues and also manages the maintenance and upgrades for your Shopify store.

8. Flexibility

Shopify is among the most versatile eCommerce platforms available. Customizing the store is easy for the merchants using the built-in tools. This also helps the store grow and adapt with your business as the scalability of the store stays high. So, products can be showcased, multiple payment gateways can be added and customized coupons can be made available. At Shopify, systems for inventory control, payment, shipping, and fulfillment are made available as well.

9. Fast loading speed

Shopify is a globally hosted solution and features optimized hardware and software along with a reliable infrastructure. So, the loading speed of Shopify stores is good and seldom more than a few seconds.

10. Mobile responsiveness

With the vast majority of search engine interactions taking place over mobile devices, the mobile responsiveness of an eCommerce mall should be up to date. Since all Shopify themes are 100% mobile responsive, creating mobile optimized eCommerce malls simplifies. Furthermore, merchants can manage their Shopify stores using free Android and iOS apps.

11. Great customer support

There used to be a time when the developers used to be the only person that made support and maintenance services available in web malls. Support and maintenance, then, used to be expensive.

Over time, support made available by Shopify over chat, phone, and email became indispensable for online stores. Most importantly, availing of Shopify’s support services are affordable, even over the long term, and are available 24/7/365.

12. Easy Payments

Integrating a secure and reliable payment gateway solution to one’s web mall is one of the most important challenges that online merchants counter. Things become convenient for end-users when they have multiple options available to make payments.

At Shopify, setting up multiple payment gateways is easy and convenient for merchants. Stripe payment option is also supported by Shopify, so the end consumers can make transactions without having to pay any additional fees.

13. Customer Reviews and Ratings

When shopping online, B2B buyers often go through detailed, user-generated content. Going through reviews, helps them determine whether or not they intend to invest in a product or a service. Shopify makes it easy to let your end customers incorporate their reviews and ratings over your website.

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