EKAMY JEM Shopify Theme

EKAMY JEM Shopify Theme

Themes Features:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Theme Documentation
  • Free Customer Support
  • Free Upgrades
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Sticky header
  • Mega Menu
  • Breadcrumbs
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Any product using the Ekamy theme will feel like royalty. The simple-to-use homepage presents all of your products tastefully and emphasises their striking attractiveness. The menu is straightforward to use, and the drop-down menu makes it even simpler. All of this is contained in a fascinating magical theme that appeals to almost any customer.

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This theme is great for

High-volume stores

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Quick setup

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High-volume stores

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Cart and checkout

Cart notes
Gift wrapping
Quick buy
Slide-out cart
Sticky cart

Marketing and conversion

Customizable contact form
FAQ page
Product badges
Product reviews
Promo banners
Promo popups
Recently viewed
Recommended products
Stock counter


Before/after image slider
Color swatches
Image galleries
Image hotspot
Image rollover
Image zoom
Product tabs
Shipping/delivery information
Size chart

Product discovery

Back-to-top button
Collection page navigation
Mega menu
Product filtering and sorting
Recently viewed
Recommended products
Sticky header

You could directly contact us at sales@ptiwebtech.com or Whatsapp +91 9461017829 for any support and assistance.

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Ekamy-Jem Home Page

Ekamy-Jem Home Page

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1. What is Shopify SEO marketing?

The technique of increasing the quantity and quality of search engine traffic to a web page or a website is known as search engine optimization. It is a good source of marketing which emphasizes organic traffic rather than paid or direct traffic. Through tools available in the Shopify App store, you may evaluate the SEO of your online store.

2. What is Shopify theme development?

The theme is the first impression of your website or brand. Shopify theme development is a collection of building blocks, template files, and other supporting materials. It also helps you to develop or build customized themes from the core or the existing ones. Also, Shopify themes are created using the Liquid template language, which is also used to load original content.

3. What is Shopify POS?

With Shopify POS, you can give your customers a complete retail experience in addition to e-commerce. With Shopify POS (Point-of-sale) you can sell practically almost anywhere. Also, it helps to track your orders and stock across all channels, be it physical or online, or other operational sales channels.

4. What is Shopify's Sales channel?

The sales channel is a way where different platforms with your products are represented. Linking each sales channel to Shopify helps you to keep track of every channel from one platform, like tracking orders, products, customers, etc.