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What is Shopify Theme?

A Shopify Theme works towards redefining the end customer experience and accounts for more sales and business. Themes are designed to put forth a matchless first impression. A merchant can attract the desired customer demographics to his store by using one of the many domain-specific Shopify themes that the platform makes available.

Creating quick and flexible Shopify themes is now easier than ever before, by using Shopify’s theme templating language, Liquid. The liquid is used alongside JSON, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. The elaborate range of customizations available for Shopify themes facilitates a merchant to come up with his own unique brand.

As a package, a Shopify theme involves building blocks, template files, and supporting assets. By using these building blocks, customizable, modular themes can be created. Shopify also makes a range of tools available such as Shopify Theme Store and Shopify CLI that simplify collaboration and make themes quicker.

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