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Shopify Dropshipping

In the dropshipping business model, a merchant sells products to buyers without having to himself stock items. Instead, when the merchant sells a product, he buys the product from a third party and has it shipped directly to the consumer.

Dropshipping at Shopify is different from what it is at other platforms. It is a low-risk opportunity that lets merchants test out new product lines and product ideas. This way, additional people are driven towards entrepreneurship. Another one of the top advantages of running a dropshipping business is that a business does not have to spend much towards the beginning.

The typical way of starting a dropshipping business is to first create a Shopify account. Then over a dropshipping app such as Oberlo, one figures out the products that one intends to sell. Next, one designs and sets up a store, figures out a domain name, sets up payments, and a Shopify plan.

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